We aren’t certain if there are many business owners out there who haven’t embraced — or at least made an attempt at — blogging for their business. Have you started blogging but stopped? Have you not started blogging? Have you started, are continuining but still aren’t certain what benefit it’s bringing? We offer three benefits of blogging for your business that will help you justify the time and expense you may be putting into it.

3 Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business

Getting to know you. When you blog you let your unique voice shine through and that voice will connect with your audience and potential clients. Gone are the days when business owners hide behind their logo. Savvy customers want to “know, like and trust” the people with whom they are doing business and they can’t do that if they don’t “know” you. Keep industry jargon to a minimum. Connect with the reader and answer the questions they want answered. Be their go-to source. Blogging is a way to make a connection and build a relationship with your customer.

Build your SEO. If you build a website to highlight your business, but it hasn’t had a content update since you’ve built it, you won’t be receiving “Google juice.” Google likes to promote blogs and websites in searches that have new and updated content. If you’re blogging, you’re continually updating your website and Google will help you in searches. Be current. Be relevant. Be consistent. Be blogging!

Share on your social platforms. When you blog you have new content to continually share on your social media platforms. If you write a blog post with bullet points or numbered tips, each of those tips or points can be a social media update. Your blogging will amplify your social media efforts.

Are you blogging for your business? If any of these three tips strikes a chord with you and you are wondering how to amp up your blogging efforts, drop us a comment and let’s see how we can help you succeed in your blogging efforts.


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