Would you rather read an article, listen to an audio or podcast or watch a video? Video remains king even if your audience turns your video on but only listens to it, you can still grab a customer or draw in a new customer through the use of video. We have 3 reasons you should be using video, even though there are many more. 

Using videos bumps your content up in searches and could make your content rank higher on social media algorithms. Be aware though, if you make a video and put it on your website in the blog area and if you don’t have content to support it, you will not rank in a Google search because Google crawls text. If you’re using video, make sure you get a transcription or at least add about 300 words of text to help you rank in searches.

Are you using video in your marketing efforts? If not, why? If so, have you found it beneficial?

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video

Keep in mind that customers prefer to see “raw” video not those videos that are so highly produced that you spent hours in the studio. Be real with your customers and you will more easily and readily connect with them. Sure, there is a time and a place for a studio quality production but don’t let that make you procrastinate making a quick video.

Here are 3 reasons to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

  1. Poll your audience. If they like video, give them video. Video marketing needs to be part of your overall marketing plan and needs a strategy behind it.
  2. Announce it when you’re going live. If there is breaking news or if you want to “tease” content, build the anticipation and give the people what they want!
  3. Know what you’re going to say. Don’t be overly rehearsed but don’t stumble around and have no point to your video. Also, make sure your lighting and sound are good.

Going live is easier the more you do it and with practice. If you have a rapport with your audience they may not even notice your nerves. Relax. The more you do it, the easier it will be.

Do you have a strategy for using video in your marketing efforts? Contact Rex Richard and his team at Peak Dynamics to discuss how to use video in your marketing strategy. 

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