Three tips for writing a blog post people will want to read. There are certainly more than three — there are likely more than we could cover in a month of blog posts. In this piece, though we want to write about what we see are the top three — in our humble, personal opinions! We’ve worked with many clients who have started blogging, but stopped when they realized they weren’t getting results, but didn’t know why. Blogging, like any other marketing effort needs to have a focused strategy behind it. Okay on to our top three!

3 Tips For Writing A Blog Post People Want To Read

  •  Make a promise to the reader to deliver great information they can use. A blog post isn’t written soley for you to shout “buy me, buy me!” A reader goes to a website then dives into a blog because he or she wants to learn something. Your reader is smart enough to know that you are selling something. They get that. They know that your blog posts are deep down, designed to be a marketing tool that will lead them down the path toward an eventual (hopefully) purchase from you. In your posts, though, provide great, usable, actionable information and avoid the promotion and sales talk.
  • Make it pretty to read. Use images. Break up the text with subheads, numbered and bullet pointed lists. Info graphics are easy to digest content that gets your point across in a visual way. Don’t worry about making every blog post infographic heavy, but if you have a post that lends itself to a graphic and you have the time, then make it pretty!
  • Make it personal. Your readers, who may turn into potential customers, want to get to know the person behind the business. They want to get to “know, like and trust you.” They want to feel they have a connection with you. Give it to them. Share your story. Write in your own unique “voice.” Don’t make your blog posts read like white papers. Be conversational. Personalize the posts to your unique audience and demographic. Make the content readable and valuable. Don’t get so personal that you share stories of how you got drunk and danced on the table at the company retreat. Share personal stories of the hike you took, the new puppy you got, the bogey you scored on the golf course. These personal touches, make you be more of a “real” person than a business entity.

What do you struggle with when you blog for your business? How can we help?

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