Yes, numbers do matter, but it’s better to have a thousand committed readers of your blog than to have millions of unengaged traffic. Having millions of visitors who “bounce” off the site after a few seconds aren’t helping your social media statistics.

We have 4 ways to boost blog traffic and garner those dedicated readers who will come back every time you write a post and who will stay on your site consuming content other than the post they originally came to read.

4 Ways To Boost Blog Traffic

Quality content. It should go without saying that you need to provide quality content. Even though it should go without saying, we need to reiterate it. If a reader comes to your site and only sees blog posts that are stuffed with keywords, but aren’t offering any solutions to their pain points or any new knowledge they can walk away and use, they won’t come back.

Put time and effort into determining the type of content your readers want and give it to them.

Internal links. When you write a blog post, look back at your older content and find a post or two that relates to the blog you’re currently writing and link back to it. If you offer your readers a snippet of your older content every time they visit your site to read the new content, they will stick around to consume it and will learn more about what you have to offer and who you are. You’ll build community and connection by providing them a chance for a deeper dive into your quality content.

Get on a schedule. Sometimes less is more. If you are posting for the sake of posting, then scale back. It’s better to post one quality blog post a week than it is to post seven posts that are of low quality. Get on a schedule, though so your readers know that you will post every Monday, or Wednesday or Friday. When you do that and post on a regular schedule you will probably become part of that reader’s routine.

Share your post. Once you’ve written your blog post, you will want to have a strategy for sharing it on your social media. Make the social media update “exciting;” by that we mean, don’t just write, “I’ve written a new post.” Instead, share an update that reads, “Want to know four ways to get readers to your blog? I’ve just written about that!” #BlogTrafficTips (or something like that)

What is your blogging strategy for getting readers to your site, getting them to stay on your site and getting them to come back? We’d love to know. If you haven’t found that secret sauce, reach out to us, we can help you!

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