Business owners and individuals alike are hoping that 2021 is going to bring more success and even more importantly, we are all hoping that the global coronavirus pandemic will soon be behind us and life will get back to normal. Many people think, though, that we will never get back to true normal – what was normal before the pandemic has wrought changes that may stick with us for months or years to come. Some of those changes are welcome, others not so much. We have put together a quick list of 4 ways to get the most out of social media in 2021.

What we do want to do is make sure if you’re spending time on your computer and promoting your business via social media, you need to reap rewards for your efforts. If you’re not gaining traction or making sales or getting followers – whatever counts for success for you – why continue on?

4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Social Media In 2021

Consumers have gotten savvier than they were before the coronavirus pandemic. Shoppers have gone online for most of their shopping needs – groceries to clothing to paper products (toilet paper anyone?) Even those individuals who avoided social media and online shopping for many years were either forced to, or felt more comfortable with, online shopping and working with clients. That means entrepreneurs need to get as savvy, or savvier, than their customers in order to compete.

We have advice to help you get started.

Post often and consistently. You don’t need to post several times a day (unless you’re on Twitter, which lends itself to multiple posts per day) but you want to stay in the newsfeeds of your ideal customer. Sometimes, the more you post the more highly your updates are “ranked” and the more the social media platform will put you in the newsfeeds of others.

Variety counts. Don’t always post the same things. Your followers know that you sell a product or service, so they don’t need you to consistently post “buy me” posts. Share tips or pointers that address your ideal clients’ pain points. Post funny videos or memes. Keep ‘em guessing about what you’ll post and they may keep coming back.

The numbers aren’t the goal. Yes, it’s great to say you have 2 million followers BUT of those 2 million, if only two followers interact, how great is your engagement? Wouldn’t it be better to have twenty followers and have nineteen of them interact regularly? Yes, it would. Don’t buy followers or likes. The people who respond because of that tactic will likely only do so on that first interaction, then you will fall off their radar.

Budget for paid advertising. It’s a sad fact of social media that it is now a pay to play platform. The more you pay the more your content will get play. You don’t have to set a budget that will break the bank, but you may want to set aside some of your marketing dollars for online advertising. Track the analytics and success of the online advertising to help determine if the pay per click is worth it to your business. You won’t know until you try.

If you’re having trouble reaching your ideal audience or don’t know how to get started with online advertising, reach out – we can help!

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