SEO — search engine optimization — is something that all business owners and website developers should pay attention to. It is the practice that could help your business be found, or if not used correctly could cause your business and your site to languish on page 50 of a Google search!

What are some of our SEO best practice tips? Here are five:seo strategy

  1. Track your analytics. If you have Google Analytics or Insights on your site, you need to analyze the utilize the information they provide. If your clients are searching you for a particular word or phrase, work that into your blogging or website content. Your website should be a living, breathing entity and requires your continual upgrading and changing with the trends.
  2. Content on your site and on social need to be in alignment. If your keywords and SEO aren’t working hand-in-hand you’re losing valuable ground when it comes to amping up your Google juice. SEO is a strategy that everyone on the team needs to understand and utilize.
  3. You need a mobile responsive site. Your website should be easily viewable and easy to navigate regardless of the device your potential client is using. Google is also penalizing those sites that are not mobile responsive. Is your site mobile responsive? If not, this should be at the core of your SEO strategy.
  4. Utilize reporting that makes sense. What part of your SEO and analytics do you want to pay attention to? Which metrics matter to your business? This is a personal decision for most business owners, but you do need to have made that decision. You can’t measure results or quantify efforts if you don’t know the underlying SEO strategy you’re striving for.
  5. Take it one SEO step at a time. It’s tempting to jump in and integrate each and every SEO strategy that you read or hear about. We urge you to work with an SEO expert to uncover which SEO strategies make sense for you. Implement one or two, measure the results and adjust as necessary.

If you’re still stymied by SEO and aren’t certain if you have an effective SEO strategy in place, contact us, we can help.

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