It seems like if you’re on social media you should be able to grow your business and connect with potential customers, right? Yes, and no. Sometimes just being on social isn’t enough. You need to do social “right.” We have 7 ways to improve your social media stats by “giving the people what they want.”

Remember, if you don’t have time to master all of the social platforms available, we suggest you at least claim your business name, fill out the profile and put up a message that says, “Hey, thanks for stopping by. We share most of our content on XYZ social site (then put the link)”. If you can’t do it all, and not many people can, then do it well on the site of your choosing.

7 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Stats

  1. Give the people what they want. Provide content that addresses a pain point. Be the go-to expert in your niche. The influence you bring to the table will depend on the content you provide and the eyes you get on the page.
  2. Create a community. Building a community of raving fans will go far in getting your name out ther and getting people talking about you. When you have a community of fans they will share your content with their friends and your reach will grow.
  3. Make announcements and provide “insider” information to your fans. Make your fans feel special by giving them information and discounts that only they receive because they are following your page.
  4. Have a hashtag strategy. “Claim” your hashtags. and use them on each platform. Remember, some platforms are more hashtag friendly than others. On Twitter you will find hashtags are more prevelant and are searchable while on Facebook hashtags might be nice to use, but they aren’t as searchable. Hashtag trending topics if it makes sense, and hashtag unique information about your niche.
  5. Link back to your website. This goes along with completely filling out your bios on all the social platforms. Your goal should be to drive visitors to your social site back to your website — it’s always better to interact on your own real estate than on rented ground such as a social media site.
  6. Ask questions. Use polls, ask multiple choice questions, pose interesting topic ideas to facilitate a discussion. You could ask a provocative question. You could ask questions to give you more insight into a new product you’re launching. People love to be involved and have their voice heard.
  7. Share the content of others. Mentioning a leader in your industry may just mean that the influencer will see your mention and respond back to you.

Growing your business is all about relationships. Are you using your social platforms to build relationships? Do you need help with your social influence? Let us know. We can help!

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