You’ve seen them. Your competition is crushing it on social media. They have hundreds of thousands of followers and those followers are “liking,” sharing, and commenting on their content. You’re putting out content, yet you seem to be stalled when it comes to engagement and growth. What are they doing that you aren’t? What can you learn from them? How can you amp up your social media game and overtake the competition?

amp up your social media gameAmp Up Your Social Media Game

There are at least three things that I think will help you amp up your social media game and they include:

  1. Share interactive content. Video remains king. You need to have video on your social pages and on your website. Use YouTube to your advantage and post video content there. If you don’t know what to make a video about, look to an old blog post and repurpose that into a video snippet. You don’t need to have a studio set up. Look at many of the videos online and you’ll see that most of them look like they’ve been taken from a cell phone in a home office. The background and setting don’t matter, the content does.
  2. Grab your own hashtags. Sure jumping on a trending hashtag isn’t a bad thing, but why not make your own hashtags? What’s unique about your business that would make a good hashtag? If we’re writing about content, our hashtag could be #ContentMatters and we could use that on our social when we share a blog post. Understand what it is you’d like to be “found for” with a hashtag and then claim it and start using it.
  3. Be social. I’ll bet that if you look at the competitor’s pages — you know, the ones getting all the interaction — you will see that they are responding to comments. If you post a comment that gets activity, respond to the individual who commented or liked. Like their page. Comment on one of their posts. Get a two-way conversation going. Social media is just that… social.

What do you need to do to amp up your social media game? Are you soaring in one platform but struggling in another? Are your blog posts feeding your social pages? If you’re stumped and can’t figure out why you’re not excelling at social, give us a call.

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