There’s been a lot of buzz recently about “telling your business story.” What exactly is that? It’s more than your elevator speech. It’s more than a list of your credentials and accomplishments and awards won. If you have heard about business stories, but aren’t certain where to get started, here are my tips for crafting your business story:

  • Start with how you started. What prompted you to become an entrepreneur? What was your motivating factor? People love to know the “behind the scenes” of how a business owner got his or her start. They love to know whether it was a need you saw that you could fill, a pain point you’d kept hearing about that set off a lightbulb moment. Share that. Let your clients and Absolute Links - Relative Linkspotential clients get to know you better.
  • Share a “this is how I work” story. A consultant is a consultant is a consultant, right? Maybe not. The way that you work and interact with your client is likely vastly different than your competition. Why? Because everyone has a unique method of work. Tell, upfront, what yours is. Let potential clients know what they are in for if they work with you.
  • Offer a teachable moment in your story. Rather than reciting a “once upon a time” business story, make it something that sets that lightbulb off above the reader’s head. Their lightbulb moment could lead them to have to work with you or it may prompt them to see how their skill set could help others. Inspire by your example.
  • What is your vision? Do you have a vision for your company? I’ll bet you do. Share that with your readers and potential clients. Sharing your vision may help them to see that with your help, they too can form a vision and achieve it.

We can help you craft your business story and help you find the best place in which to share it. Are you ready?

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