Social media can help expand your business and its reach without your having to leave the comfort of your home. Social media, though can be a way in which business owners can stumble especially if they fail to post to social or fail to respond to those who interact with them on social platforms.

Here are social media mistakes you will want to avoid:



  1. Inconsistent posting. It’s worse to have a social media page and post sporadically than it is to not have a social presence. If you’re committing to being on social, then commit to being an active poster.
  2. Respond to those who comment on your posts or tag you in an update. The whole point of social media is to be social.
  3. Don’t be in constant “selling” mode in every blog post or social media update you share. Share, instead, information that is intriguing, interesting and of value to your audience.
  4. Check up on the competition. What are they doing that is successful? Where are they falling down? Making note of the competition makes sense.
  5. Don’t flood newsfeeds with your updates. Use social media judiciously as your followers won’t want to see dozens of updates from you daily — less is usually more.
  6. Understand where your audience gathers and interact with them there.
  7. Follow people back and share the content of others — be social.



Are you using social media to its best advantage for your business? Are you on social media but just not certain if you’re using it “right”? Do you know you should be blogging, but just haven’t put together a marketing plan for it? Reach out to us, we can help.

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