If we could offer you a magic wand to make your social media and blogging efforts for your business fail proof we would. At the very least we can offer you ways to avoid these blogging mistakes to make your blogging efforts bear fruit and your time worthwhile.

Blogging is an ideal way to build your authority, amp up your SEO and keep your website active and ranking in Google searches — who doesn’t want that, right?

Avoid These Blogging Mistakes

Have a focus. If you don’t have a focus for your blog, you will ramble. Your readers won’t know what you’re trying to teach them and they may not come back. Know your niche. Know your area of expertise and focus on that.

Don’t post every day. Yes, we know you’ve heard that more is better. We believe that if you don’t have anything important to say each and every day, then don’t say it. Hold off on publishing a blog post until you have it honed and focused. Quality over quantity is our motto. That being said, try to post at least once a week.

Don’t make the post be about you. Each post you write should solve a problem the reader is facing. The reader is the audience and the post should be about him. That being said, don’t focus so heavily on keywords and SEO that the blog post is impossible to read because it’s just keyword phrases.

Have a plan. You need to have a plan for your blog, its topics, how often you’ll post, what your keywords and key phrases are, but more importantly you need to have a plan as to what is success to you. How will you know whether your blogging efforts are “paying off”? By what metrics will you measure success and what will you focus on if you have a post that goes viral?

As with anything you do in your business, you need to be strategic with it and about it and by doing that you can better determine if what you’re doing is a success. Do you have a blogging plan? Is it a “success”? Are you sure?

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