What can you do to build authority in your business and trust in your brand? There are many ways in which you can do that but we know from experience that blogging builds business trust. There are myriad reasons for that, but one of the most basic is that when you blog you are taking ownership of your area of expertise and shouting to the world that you are the go-to expert in that particular niche.

What else can blogging do to build your business trust? Here are a few things: blog

  1. You build your authority. By blogging about your area of expertise you are letting clients and potential clients know that you know what you’re talking about. You are sharing enough information to allow them to believe that when you share a business tactic that you have the experience and knowledge to build upon that based on the information you share.
  2. Blogging gives you a foundation upon which to virtually build a relationship with a client or a potential client. If you didn’t have a blog or a social media presence, how would potential clients interact with you? Offering them a space on your blog to respond to your posts, answer your questions, interact with your other clients makes them feel a part of your team.
  3. You can use your blog to run A-B tests on products, goods or services you are considering offering. Write a post and ask your clients and readers what their pain points are. Develop a product based on their answers. Let your clients know that you’re going to be adding Product X to the mix and ask for a few individuals who want to be part of your beta testing. Getting in on the ground floor is like an invitation to an exclusive club that you’re offering. Throw the doors open to a few colleagues.

What benefits has your business reaped from its blogging efforts. Do you need to do more blogging but aren’t certain how to either get started or keep going? We can help! Leave us a comment or send us an email.

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