Let’s talk Coronavirus (COVID-19). Let’s talk blogging in the time of coronavirus. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you cannot escape the conversation. Television, radio, newspaper and every social media platform and conversation with your family is peppered with conversations about this global pandemic.

Let’s talk about your business, its response to this pandemic and whether you have anything new to share or if you’re just repeating what’s already been said.

Blogging In The Time Of Coronavirus

You can’t escape the news, but when you think of blogging and your business and coronavirus, why should you jump into the fray?

  1. Do you have vital information to share that impacts public health and safety?
  2. Do you have a completely different audience that will only gets information from you and your sources?
  3. Do you need to communicate with your community?
  4. What type of information will you share?
  5. Will you point to resources and experts and what they’ve already shared?
  6. When you share social media updates with your followers are you sharing to impart new, vital information or are you riling up the troops and fear mongering?
  7. Ask yourself: What does my readership need? What can I deliver that they can’t get anywhere else?
  8. Can you share information that will help calm your staff or your readers?
  9. Do you have new or different experts on whom you can call?
  10. Does your staff or readers or customers need to know how to contact you during this time or do they need to know if you’re open and working.

We, the general public, is probably reaching the point of saturation and many of the news reports and social media shares and updates are simply rehashing what’s already been said and shared. Be a breath of fresh air. Be a resource. Be a source of comfort to those who come to your blog.

What is, or has been, your company’s response to the situation?

Please take care and be safe!

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