Business blogging is crucial to your business’s success. Why? It is a great way to share your expertise in a 24/7/365 manner. Your content is always working for you even when you’re not working. What are some of the reasons that our clients simply hadn’t succeeded in their business blogging before they came to us? There are several, but here are the top three:

  1. They didn’t blog on any discernible schedule. When they found time, they’d put up a post but no one could count on when they’d see new content.
  2. Or on the flipside, the content is added regularly, but it doesn’t highlight their expertise nor does it add to the content on their website or forward their business agenda
  3. They write and post regularly, but they don’t have the writing skills necessary to make the content be viable and readable. In order to have your content make a statement and make your clients want to work with you after they’ve read it, it needs to be quality content

What is an entrepreneur to do? Work with a content creator who can manage your company’s content and free you up to focus on your core competencies. You can hire a freelance writer or blogger, a content manager, SEO manager, editor or graphic designer or a combination of any of those. You will want content that goes live on your site that speaks to who you are, what you offer and more importantly what pain point you solve for your clients and why they should work with you.

Creating content isn’t something that every entrepreneur can do him or herself, but it is something he should hire a competent writing professional to craft on his behalf.


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