We have heard it before, “I don’t need a blog. I’m marketing on Facebook…” To that we say, “Don’t build your home on rented ground!” When you have a blog, you own it now and forever. When you are marketing on social media only you are subject to the vagaries of those platforms and if they went away tomorrow, so too, does your content.

Here are the reasons we believe you need your own business blog:

  1. Using proper keywords will help your business get found. A blog will improve your search engine ranking. Publishing content on a consistent basis will drive traffic to your site.
  2. If you are selling products, you can announce them on your blog. You can post reviews of the products. You can use your blog as a testing ground for new products. Ask your readers what they think. It’s your own market research site.
  3. When you blog, you might find potential business partners with whom you can work. It’s ideal to have referral partners when you’re growing your business. Focus on your core competencies.
  4. Share your business culture and philosophies with your readers. Rather than simply stating, “Here is how we operate!” You can show current or potential clients how you operate through your blog posts.
  5. Set yourself apart as an expert. If you have a business, you have an area of expertise, right? Use your blog to become a thought leader. Provide information that helps address a pain point for your clients. Become the go-to expert.


Build your business on ground that you own and your foundation should be your blog.

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