Can you make money blogging? Chances are you have heard of people who have quit their jobs and are making a living from their blog. How did they do it? Can anyone do it? Is there a secret recipe that youneed to uncover?

Sure, you can make money with your blog. Can you quit your job and make “full time” money? That depends on myriad factors. It’s not everyone who can build a blog, have it go viral and make a living at it — it’s possible, but then so is winning the lottery.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

There are three factors to consider when you’re looking at your blog as a potential money-maker: 

  1. Monetization
  2. Traffic
  3. Upkeep

To monetize your blog you need to consider the ways in which a blog can be monetized:

  1. Lead generation — this would lead a potential client to a product or service you’re selling.
  2. Direct sales — you’re selling products from your site.
  3. Affiliate marketing — you promote products and services you like and make affiliate income.
  4. Advertising — if you have sufficient traffic, placing ads on your site could bring you in ad revenue.
 If you have enough traffic you can make money from that:
  1. Offer value to your readers through the content you share.
  2. Target the audience you want, earn followers, sell products
  3. Promote your nice to your audience

You will need to look at upkeep and maintenance both to the site and to the money-making ideas you have for the site. To keep your potential revenue stream flowing you will need to:

  1. Keep sharing relevant content
  2. Pay for hosting, SEO, advertising
  3. Budget for time to keep the site working and being appealing to visitors

This is a very high level look at how to monetize a blog. There are many other ways and there is a much deeper dive needed. But look into a few of the ideas shared and see if they make sense for your particular blog and niche.

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