What are, or who are, your demographic? Who is your ideal client? Did you know you might be able to connect with millennials thru your blog? If the millennial is your ideal audience, you need to consider whether your blog is giving them what they want and whether it might turn them into a client.

Millennials are considered the “connected generation” and because of that they take to their smart phones and tablets to research products and services before they consider making a purchase.

Connect With Millennials Thru Your Blog

If you’re not a millennial, how can you connect with this generation? Here are a few ways I’ve uncovered:

  1. They love to share great information; give them something to share. They visit blogs to be inspired, to educate others and for entertainment. Make sure your blog offers at least one of those reasons to keep them entertained and engaged.
  2. Millennials don’t believe in getting a job and staying there until they retire. They will look at blogs that offer them information on how to become an entrepreneur and how to prospect for additional income. They will start their own blogs as a way to let others know they are available and intersested in entrepreneurship opportunities. If your product or service does that, blog to gain the attention of the millennial.
  3. Build a community. Many millennials look at their online relationships as being as strong as, or in some cases, stronger than their real life communities. If you can offer them a sense of being part of a community, you may keep them coming back. Millennials may be interested in green living, neighborhood gentrification, investment opportunities, personal development and, as mentioned, entrepreneurship opportunities.

Do you know who your audience is? Are you doing all that you can to reach out and connect with them? Do you know how to build a community around whomever your audience demographic is? It’s an important part of online interaction — connectivity. If you aren’t certain you’re building community with your product or service, give us a call or leave a comment. Let’s talk!


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