Content Marketing Tips

Let’s face it, as with anything there are best practices for any marketing that you undertake for your business. In this article I will share with you some content marketing tips that you may want to adapt as your own best practices for your company and its marketing endeavors. Social media marketing should be focused and move the company mission and vision forward. Here are my best practice content marketing tips:

  1. Connect with your readers. You need to know who your audience is and target your content toward them and their pain points. 
  2. Be creative. Use graphics. Intriguing (not click bait) headlines. Offer advice. Hacks. Tips, tricks.
  3. Share the content of others. If you share the content of others you will be seen as a great networker and will help expand your group of followers.
  4. Interact with your readers. If you post on social media and people comment, make sure you respond and interact. Social media needs to be social.
  5. Don’t participate in “vague-booking.” You’ve seen the social media updates that read, “I can’t believe what a horrible thing just happened… I hope tomorrow is better.” Okay, that is written solely to get you to interact and say, “Oh no! Are you all right?” It’s intentional and akin to vague booking.
  6. Content is king but be judicious in filling the feeds of your followers. Blog and interact on social media consistently. That doesn’t mean you need to be online, in my newsfeed ten or twelve times a day. Post once or twice a day and make sure your content is not always of the “buy me, buy me” type. Offer relevant, interesting content, sprinkled with the “buy me” messages.
  7. Be cognizant of your readers’ time and keep your messages short, but relevant. Some times readers want blog posts and updates that are hundreds, or thousands, of words long, but not all the time. Know what your readers want and give them that.

This is a short list of content marketing tips that you can add to your arsenal when you’re putting your marketing plan together. Remember, your content marketing would be used on your blog, your website, your social media updates, your sales funnel and in your email newsletter marketing. If you need help pulling it all together, let me know. We can help!







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