Are you a writer by nature? Does the idea of writing a blog post or crafting a social media status update have you quaking in your office chair? We have content writing tips for entrepreneurs that can be used by the novice or the experienced writer.

If you’re a novice or if you simply don’t have the time or the desire to create content, share this article with the content creator you want to hire to outsource your content creation to.

Content Writing Tips For Entrepreneurs

When you’re creating content the reasons are twofold: to capture the attention of a reader and to sell your goods and services. Here are ways to do that.

  1. Know your audience. If you’re writing about swimming pools and your audience is dog groomers — you have missed the target. Know who will benefit from your content, who your audience is and what they need to address their pain point.
  2. Understand and use keywords correctly. How do your potential clients find you in a Google search? You need to know how they’re finding you and use those words. Connect analytics to your site and track the trends and look at the words and phrases your ideal client is using to find you.
  3. Write for the scanner. Many people will scan blog content on their phones or tablet and they will skim content looking for the information they need. Don’t make them search for content just because you want to keep your bounce rates low. Making a reader search for content won’t keep them on your site, it will drive them to another site. Use subheads, numbered lists, graphics and make the text easy to skim.
  4. Write quick, simple sentences. Don’t lace content with acronyms or other industry specific terms that you think will make you sound smart. All you’re doing is turning the reader off. Keep the content readable. You don’t have to dumb it down, but you also don’t have to add in so much jargon that the content loses its meaning.
  5. Give your readers “something they can use.” You don’t want to give away all of your content so a potential client doesn’t need to buy from you, but you do need to give a reader something of value. It’s a delicate balancing act.

Do you know how your readers are finding you? Do you know how long they’re staying on the site? Do you know what terms they are using to find you in a search? Check your analytics and give the reader aka your potential client, what they want!

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