Craft a company social media policy as a way to make certain everyone on the team is sharing the same message across all of your social media platforms.

It’s tempting to hire a social media “person” for your business and just let them loose on your social media pages. The problem with that is, they may not be sharing your vision and you may not understand why they are doing what they’re doing. To prevent that you need to craft a company social media policy and you also need to have an editorial calendar, a way to measure your social media results and you also need to have a list of your company key words and best practices in place.

social media policyWhy will a social media policy protect your business:

  1. It will spell out what can, and cannot, be shared on social.
  2. It will highlight launch dates for products
  3. It will note when you’re having a sale, its terms and dates.
  4. It will help assure your mission and vision are being shared correctly
  5. It will help prevent any objectionable or negative status updates

A social media policy will protect your business by assuring that all who are involved in your social media are following the written policy. Having a policy in place will also help protect your company from liability.

Do you have a social media policy in place? Have you reviewed it with current employees and with new hires? Have you reviewed it to make certain it is still viable?

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