Is your social media strategy bearing fruit? Are you seeing a return on your investment of time, effort and dollars? Do you know how to gauge social media ROI? If you answered, no or I don’t know to these questions above, here are some ways in which you can test whether your efforts are meeting the goals you’d set.

How To Gauge Social Media ROI

  1. Content is always king. This doesn’t mean you jump on every meme or trending topic; it means that you keep your eye on what your clients and potential clients are interested in. What kind of information can you share that will keep their interest? A great image also goes a long way in assuring your killer content gets eyes on it.
  2. Know your demographics. Don’t spend time and money and effort on SnapChat if your audience isn’t there. Know where they gather. Know how they digest information and deliver it to them where they want it.
  3. A/B test your content. Make sure when you’re putting up the different content that you’re tracking the insights and other metrics to allow you to tell which type of content is working best.
  4. Know your demographics. Do you know who your ideal customer is? Again, do you know where they gather and how they want their information delivered? Know where they live, what they shop for, where they gather on social media.
  5. Be consistent. Don’t be active on social media one week of the month or one day of the week and then neglect it for days or weeks or months. If you’re not in front of your audience regularly, they will turn to someone who is there for them and who is delivering information they are seeking.

Know what metrics you’re seeking on social media. Is it newsletter sign ups? Clicks to your site? Or do you want other actions to be taken based on the content you’re delivering? Make note of these and be diligent in your social media strategy and measuring its effectiveness.

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