How can you grow sales with targeting social media efforts. It is a question we get asked several times a month. The reason is that many entrepreneurs know the power of social media, but have yet to harness that power for their own sales force to use as leverage in making sales.

Here are our best practice tips for leveraging and growing sales with your social media efforts:

  1. Make certain your brand and its products or services are clearly defined. Don’t leave any doubt in the minds of a potential client as to what you do or what you sell.
  2. Build credibility by sharing information that positions you as an expert.
  3. Don’t use your social media platforms to be constantly selling products. You need to address the pain points of a client and you can do that by providing valuable information.
  4. Make certain your social media profiles are 100% complete. There is nothing more frustrating or nothing that sets you back a few paces than to have a profile that is incomplete.
  5. Identify your audience. You’re not all things to all people so make sure your social media efforts are targeted toward those individuals who will benefit from what you have to offer. Not everyone is your client.
  6. Go where your audience is. If your audience aka clients aren’t on Facebook, then don’t spend all of your time there. You want to have a presence, but if your audience is on LinkedIn then that is where you should focus your efforts.
  7. Understand what you consider a “successful” campaign. Put metrics in place to gauge whether your sales are growing through your social media efforts, on which platform and by what dollar amount? Offer coupon codes that differ based on the platform and tally those to gauge results.

Are you using Facebook ads? Do you use Facebook pixeling and targeting? If you are, but are not seeing the results you want, give us a call or drop us an email.





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