Is there a magic wand you can wave that will help your marketing sing? Is there such a thing as marketing magic? Well there’s no magic wand or silver bullet, but there are steps you can take to make your marking efforts more effective.

Here are my best practice tips for making your marketing more magical:

Optimize your social media platforms. Make certain your bios are completely filled out. Link to your website. Add in keywords. If you’re given 500 words for your bio, use them all. Don’t let a potential client wonder what you do. Make certain your bio is optimized so well that he has no doubt about what you do and how you can help him. 

Join online communities. If there is a community that is specific to your industry (and chances are, there are) join it. Be active. Become a voice of authority. LinkedIn has many groups that you can join and share your expertise — and learn from others.

If you’re on Twitter, use Twitter lists to group like-minded followers. Using a Twitter list will help you organize your followers and more effectively send messages to them.

If you’re on Facebook, join groups that make sense for your particular business niche. Start your own Facebook group to connect on a more intimate level with your followers and potential clients.

Use social media management tools to amp up your social media posting efforts. Adding information and links into a social media management tool such as Hootsuite can free up your time to work on other aspects of your business.

Make certain you have social share buttons on your website and at the bottom of your blog posts. Don’t put your social share buttons at the top of the website — keep your followers on your website as long as possible. Make them search a bit for your social sites. If your web content is valuable, they’ll be happy to stick around.

Remember, once you post a blog, your work isn’t done. Now comes the time when you share it across your social media platforms in a valuable, meaningful and social way.




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