Mobile-friendly. Mobile-ready. If you’re a business owner with a website, chances are you have heard each of those terms – and likely others – bandied about. You do want your website to be easily available to any of your customers who are searching for you from their smart phones or tablets – and studies show that most of us do access sites on the go.

If your customers fall into that area – those who access sites, yours and others – on a mobile device, you want to make sure yours is mobile and tablet friendly.  It doesn’t have to cost you all of your company profits to make your site mobile friendly. Here are three steps to take to make your content friendly to your mobile users:

  • Your website designer can recreate your current website convert it to a mobile optimized design. If he or she does this you can rest assured that all of the content and any features on your site will load, and perform, correctly. Ask your designer what will be involved in turning your site more mobile friendly, what it will cost, and what features you have currently that will remain the same. Making sure features such as sign ups or sign ins are active will help you to keep customers on your site and heed your calls to action.
  • Some businesses will have a mobile site and a traditional site designed; each with the same functionality but with a different “feel.” Along with designing two separate websites comes the task of the upkeep and maintenance on them – we recommend your starting point be your traditional website – designed to be mobile responsive and mobile friendly – rather than two separate platforms.
  • There are some businesses and business owners who opt to have a mobile app created specifically for their sites and forego the traditional site altogether. If you have a business that is more task-oriented, think a Starbucks or an airline app, where a customer goes on, performs a task or two and is done, an app might be your best solution.

Making certain your site is mobile friendly not only helps your rankings with Google, but it helps your customers visit your site and contact you while on the go! If you’re not certain if your site is mobile-friendly or mobile-ready, contact us for a site review.

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