Have you been blogging for your business for quite some time now? How to blog for beginners is an article that we feel will help beginning bloggers and those bloggers who have been blogging for a while. It is never a bad idea to go back and look at your content and your processes with an eye toward improvement and changing the way in which you operate.

Take some time before the first quarter of this new year has passed to look at the way in which you blog and see if any of these tips resonate.

How To Blog For Beginners

  1. Know your blogging goal. Why are you blogging? To get people to sign up for your newsletter? To buy from you? To sign your contact form and schedule an appointment? To impart information that can garner you speaking engagements?
  2. Who is your audience? Do you have an ideal customer in mind when you write a blog post? Remember you can’t be everything to everyone.
  3. Stick to one topic. When you write a blog post, craft your headline first then make sure you stay on topic. It’s easy to meander down a path that isn’t your original goal. Don’t do that. If you drift off topic, make note of that “drift” and use it in another blog post.
  4. Share your blog posts. Once you write a post you need to share it to social media as a way to get readers to your site. Don’t just write a blog post and hope for traffic — chances are it won’t happen.
  5. Be consistent. You don’t have to blog daily, but you do need to blog consistently. Choose a blogging schedule that works for you and stick with it. If you garner regular readers, they will come to expect a new post every XX day of the week — don’t let them down if they’re looking for your content.

Are you a new blogger? Are you a long-time blogger who just isn’t seeing the traffic you were hoping for? Drop us a comment and we can help you with your blogging strategy.


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