Did you know that if you write a catchy headline for your email marketing materials that more people will read it? This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but there are many email marketers who seem to forget this fundamental fact. Just as a great headline will draw you into a newspaper article or a magazine story so too will a great headline in your email marketing pique your interest and get you to take that all important action – to click and open!

Here are tips to writing copy that gets opened:

  • Know to whom you’re writing. Not all audiences respond to the same words so you need to know who the audience is. For example, some readers will respond to the word “secret” while others consider it spam.
  • Use a great adjective like: Edgy, Timesaving, Lifesaving, Painless, etc. For example: Painless Ways To Increase Your Open Rates.
  • Don’t give away the farm in your email subject line. If you tell all in the subject, why should anyone open it?
  • Make certain you’re telling the reader a story when they open your email message. Today’s business is all about telling a story, sharing your ideas, letting people get to know you.
  • Use an active voice in a readable tone. “You will master blogging techniques” instead of “by the time you finish reading this piece you will be able to write a great blog post.” Use the word “you” to capture the attention of the reader.
  • Use bullets and numbered lists. Make it easy for the reader to skim your text.
  • Make it easy to read your email on a mobile device as most people operate from their tablets or smart phones.
  • Add in a testimonial or two. This adds to your expertise and the fact that your product does what you say it does.
  • Create an air of urgency or exclusivity in your messages. “Time is running out!” or “We’re only letting X number of people in on this opportunity!”

The purpose of your email funnel is to first get the click and second to get the sale. Make certain your copy is readable, exciting and has a call to action! If you’re stumped on how to pull of those moving parts together – in addition to the technology that triggers the funnel actions, contact us!


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