Love it or hate it, social media — in one form or another — is likely here to stay and is a way for you to communicate with your ideal client. How to get more from social media interactions is a question we get asked regularly.

Social media, you need to remember, is about being social. There is no way around that. Be social to “get” social. Talk to your followers not at them.

How To Get More From Social Media Interactions

  1. Give content that adds value. Don’t continually be selling. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. You need to give content that your readers can use, that they will share, that makes their lives somehow better. Build your community around giving value.
  2. Be genuine. Don’t always have all of your social media interactions be automated. Be present. Answer questions. Interact. If people take the time to comment, then answer them or they will stop interacting. We’ll bet you have a personality, right? Let it shine.
  3. Don’t be on all social platforms if you can’t be active on them. Choose one or two, at the most, and own them. Be present. Be active. Be consistent. Don’t just set up a page or a group and let it be dormant.
  4. Give more than you take. This should be a given, but you’re online to build relationships. The way to do it is to be a giver. Have you ever heard the phrase “givers get”? This means that those who are selfless reap the benefits.
  5. Numbers are great, but don’t sacrifice relationships for numbers. If you have 100 wholly interested and involved followers that is better than having one million followers of which only two or three care about what you say. Be engaging and your audience will be engaged.

What social platform do you prefer to use? What social platform do your ideal clients interact on? Know where they are and meet them there.


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