Instagram is a great platform for photo-centric business entities or even those businesses who can find/take photos to highlight their business and what they do. How to grow your Instagram following is something we discuss with clients. We do caution though, don’t jump into a platform just because “everyone” is doing it. Don’t get into Instagram, or any other social platform unless you have a strategy behind it.

Strategy matters for everything you do in your business.

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

  1. Choose a niche. Don’t just go onto Instagram and throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. Choose a niche — social media, dogs, swimming pools, business coaching — and share info in that niche area. Let followers know who you are and what you do. Be the go-to in your niche area.
  2. Make your page public. On any social media platform you can go public, keep it a private page or a page on which you have to approve every follower. Make it easy. Don’t make a potential follower jump through hoops. Truly, why would you?
  3.  Choose a username that shows “who you are” and “what you do” but don’t make it overly long or complicated.
  4. Choose a profile picture that highlights your brand.
  5. Completely fill out your profile and have a link back to your website.
  6. Use hashtags to make it easier for followers to find and follow you.
  7. Post frequently and consistently.
  8. You don’t have to have studio quality photos Well, unless you are a photographer or a studio!) but make certain they are crisp and clean and interesting.
  9. Write a caption that prompts engagement or conversation.
  10. Plan Instagram stories. These are snippets of information that disappear after 24 hours, but they are great for engagement.

Build a connection with your followers on Instagram. Follow their pages. Like and comment on their photos. Everything is about relationships. Build yours.

Are you using Instagram? Are you finding success? We’d love to know!

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