The year is still so new that it is time to take a step back and give your blog a once-over. If you want to know how to have a successful blog in 2020 we have tips. It’s nothing that’s a secret and it is something we talk with our clients about all the time.

How To Have A Successful Blog In 2020

Here are our best tips. Take time today and review your blog and see if you’re implementing some of the tips we offer here.

  • Set aside time to work on your social media and your blogging. Remember the content you share on your blog can feed your social media pages. Utilize all of your content to its fullest. Repurpose your blog posts and share across social.
  • Remember it’s about building a community. Having readers or an audience is ideal BUT what you really want are evangelists for your product or service. Work to form relationships with those who interact with you.
  • Walk away from it. Work on your blog and your website, but take a break. Get up and get moving. If you’re simply sitting behind a keyboard all day you will be damaging your physical and your mental health. Get up at least once an hour and take a short walk, meditate or do some jumping jacks. You will come back refreshed.
  • Progress, not perfection. As long as you’re making forward momentum, congratulate yourself — not everyone does what you’re doing!

    What did your analytics show you about your blog last year? Were you getting eyes on the page? Were people commenting on your content? Were you being found for the keywords you imagined you were or were people searching you with keywords you hadn’t imagined your business would be recognized in a search engine for? Gather all of this information and your metrics and plug that information in when you’re preparing your editorial calendar for 2020.

Need help analyzing your metrics or preparing an editorial calendar? Let our team know!

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