If you’re a business professional looking to make qualified leads online, LinkedIn is the platform where entrepreneurs and business professionals gather. How to make the best connections on LinkedIn is a strategy entrepreneurs need to master.

As with every social media platform you’re on LinkedIn has its own etiquette and best practices you should follow in order to be business appropriate and to not be considered a spammer.

How To Make The Best Connections On LinkedIn

Here are our LinkedIn best practice tips for professionals looking to connect and network

  • Add a personal note. It’s easy to simply click “connect” and hope for the best, but that is one way to get your connection request ignored. Write a personal note. If you’ve met or heard the person speak or read his or her book, mention that.
  • Upload a professional photo. You may have a silly photo on your Facebook page, but your LinkedIn photo should show you in your business best. Get a professional headshot taken, don’t just crop something from a family photo at the beach.
  • When someone accepts your connection request, reach out and say “thank you.” Comment on their posts. Don’t send a “hey, want to buy my stuff” message.
  • Don’t always be selling– that bears repeating.
  • Be active.
  • Comment on status updates.
  • Don’t fill the feed with dozens of posts. Spread them out. Make the posts valuable.
  • If someone wants to connect with you, respond promptly.

Is LinkedIn a platform that has worked for you? Do you struggle to make qualified connections online? Are you interacting with others in your niche? Do you want to make connections with those outside your niche (that’s a great idea! but make sure the person understands why you want to connect) Put your business-best personality forward. Reach out to us (hey, connect with us on LinkedIn!)

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