If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise? You certainly don’t want to be wondering if you’re writing blog posts and only hearing crickets or not seeing any traffic or comments on your posts whether you’re truly doing your business a service. Let’s face it, blogging takes work and time and effort and you want to make sure your efforts are paying off and that you’re providing quality content and reaching potential clients, right?

Here are some ways to amp up your blogging efforts and make them count:

  • Blog often and blog early. Schedule your blogs to go live early in the morning and perhaps you can catch that early morning commuter with your brilliant prose. You need to blog often. If a visitor comes to your site and you haven’t blogged for weeks, why would he come back? Chances are he wouldn’t. Offer continual, quality content. Choose a blogging schedule and stick to it.
  • Link out to content that helps drive home the point of your post. Try to get reciprocal links. If someone links to you, link back. Be social. blogging
  • Keep them on your site by linking back to content you’ve previously written if it pertains to a post you’re writing now.
  • Evergreen content us great, but don’t use that to the exclusion of being timely and topical.
  • Take the time to write blog posts that are series posts. Let the reader know that this is part one of a three part series. Tease the content that’s coming up in your current post. Link to and from each post.
  • Work from an editorial calendar. This could be your best blogging friend. The time spent preparing an editorial calendar will be time you save when you attempt to write a blog post.
  • Ask for a guest blogger. You will give your blog a new voice and give yourself a break from blogging duties on occasion.

Remember your keywords need to be tested and re-tested to assure they are still “working” and that your blog is gaining the traffic that you want.

If you’re not blogging, but know you should be, contact us to discover the services we provide.













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