Are you sending out a newsletter? Do you have a list to whom to send your newsletter? If you’re putting time and effort into it you need to know how to make your newsletter pay off. If you haven’t kicked off a newsletter yet, you should and we have tips to make your efforts worthwhile.

How To Make Your Newsletter Pay Off

Saving time means saving money in your newsletter preparation efforts. Here are some tips to get you started and make it worth the time you put into it.

Content matters. What will you write about and to whom will you market. Will you write the content yourself or will you hire a content creator? Will the newsletter be all text, or text heavy or will you use images and videos? Think about the ease with which your readers can access the content because most newsletter readers peruse the content on their phones.

Templates help. Use a template for your newsletter that is easy for you, or the person doing it on your behalf, to set up. If you’re hiring a designer to make your newsletter graphics and template, make certain it is something that is flexible enough that you can make changes or revamp it later.

Easy to replicate. Look for a newsletter service that makes replicating your newsletter easy. If you have to start from scratch with each newsletter, you will be spending valuable time and/or money that you could devote to other business building efforts.

When will you send? If you announce, “We will be sending a newsletter” you may want to announce how often you’ll be sending and on which day. Let your readers know to expect your newsletter in their inbox so they will be anticipating your great content.

Don’t forget a Call To Action. Each newsletter should prompt an action. “Email us” “Read more” “Buy our stuff”! at the end of each newsletter. If you don’t ask for an action, you won’t receive an action.

 What efforts are you seeing from your newletter efforts? If you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for, drop us a comment. We can help!

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