Social media. It’s a necessary evil for many business owners. How to make your social media connections effective is a task that many entrepreneurs struggle with. If you’re not building community and if your readers are reading or liking or sharing, then why are you posting? It’s something to ponder, right?

We talk with our clients all the time about how to effectively spend their time on social media, how to craft a strategy and how to implement steps to realize that strategy.

How To Make Your Social Media Connections Effective

These tips just might help your work pay off.

  1. Share your business story. Let your followers get to know you and connect with you as the person behind the brand.
  2. Speaking of connecting, take your followers into your workspace. Behind the scenes photos and blog posts are like pulling back the curtain on the neighbors and peeking in — people love it.
  3. Share quotes and testimonials. Make a graphic with the quote on it and share it.
  4. Ask for input. Ask our customers what they love, don’t love, would love to see, etc.
  5. What are the FAQs you receive? Answer them on social.
  6. Offer a newsletter signup and make sure you have prepared a great “ethical bribe” to get people on your list.
  7. Share the content from others — not your competition, of course.
  8. When you write a blog post, share it on social.
  9. Make a video.
  10. Offer up a TipTuesday or a MotivationalMonday item. Use the hashtag for each.
  11. Highlight a customer or business partner. Then ask them to share that info with their followers.

There is no secret sauce to social media. Much of it is trial and error, but you do need a strategy because if you don’t you’re just throwing spaghetti against the wall and wasting your valuable time.

If you’re still struggling to make connections, contact us for a free quote.


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