If you’re looking for a career that you can do from anywhere at virtually any time, being a social media manager may be the job for you. How to sell your social media management services may be a question you’re wondering as you ponder being a solopreneur.

Being a social media manager is a competitve field because social media is so prevalent and because every business owner needs to have a presence in order to remain competitive. Because there are so many individuals, just like you, who are looking for clients in this interesting and ever-changing field you need to set yourself apart and we offer you a few ways in which to distinguish yourself.

How To Sell Your Social Media Management Services

  •  Price your services competitively, but don’t de-value yourself and charge a fee that is too low simply to bring in a new client. You need to determine what your hourly rate would be if you were working in that manner then decide how long it takes you to complete social media management tasks then price your services accordingly. You may want to offer X number of social media accounts managed with Y number of posts per week at Z retainer fee. Only you can determine your value.
  • Under-promise and over-deliver. This may be a cliche, but to make yourself and your fledgling business stand out, you need to do just that. When you deliver extremely positive results on time or ahead of deadline, you are delighting your client.
  • Have a face-to-face. Social media is an ideal virtual job, but when you’re trying to bring in new clients, you may want to attend networking meetings and have face-to-face meetings with potential clients. If you find a client who is not geographically close, you can still have a virtual face-to-face meeting to put a face with your name and build a more personal relationship.

 Find referral partners and foster those relationships. You may write all of the content that would go on a website, but you don’t build websites — find someone who does and be a referral partner for them and they can refer you. If you don’t do graphic design, find someone who does and ask them to refer you if they hear of a client seeking content or social media management. This lets you expand your offerings without you having to specifically do the work yourself.

What are your best business tips for a start up social media manager? We’d love to know!

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