Social media is a blessing… and a curse. It’s a blessing because you can keep in touch with people AND you can meet and connect and start or continue your business. There are ways to share your expertise on social media that will have your followers wanting to reach out and connect – especially if you don’t believe that “sharing expertise” means saying “but my stuff.” We have tips for how to show your expertise on social media without being salesy.

Take a deep breath when you read this sentence. There is no short cut to connecting and getting your ideal client to know, like and trust you. It takes time and it takes effort to truly connect.

Here are some tips:

  1. Project the image you want to be connected with. In other words, do you want a potential client to see you with a lampshade on your head dancing on a table? Do you want a potential client to see you in a buttoned up three-piece suit? Do you want to be seen as approachable? Chances are, you do and you can do that without going to one extreme or another.
  2. Connect and build relationships. To make a connection, you need to cultivate it, nurture it and participate in it. You won’t build a connection or relationship if you pop into your social media pages once or twice a month.
  3. Spend time connecting with an authenticity. Once you connect, be “real” with the person with whom you’re interested.
  4. Respect their boundaries. If you connect with someone on social media or in a networking group, just because they’ve given you their email address doesn’t mean you can send them newsletters without their permission. Don’t inundate a new contact, they won’t appreciate it.
  5. Know your niche. Just because you have a niche doesn’t mean you can stray out of your lane, but you do want to be known for something. Remember you can’t be everything to everyone and do it all well. And most people want to feel they, and their pain point, is unique or special and if your niche area of expertise is unique and special they will gravitate toward you.

Are you being authentic on social media? Do you find it’s easy to share your expertise without sharing a link to “buy your item that will fix your problem?”

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