Marketing funnels are the name of the game for savvy marketers. Why? Because they work and because they keep you in front of your prospective clients. Have you ever had the experience where you lay down big money for  product or a system and then you never hear from the seller? Have you ever purchased a product or service and had to wait a week or two for it to start? Did you have buyer’s remorse in the meantime? Been there. Done that.

An email marketing funnel is a way to stay in front of the client to help alleviate the buyer’s remorse feeling. Additionally, if a client bought from you once, don’t you want to nurture them and allow them to be the first in line when you launch a new product or service? The answer should be a resounding, yes!

Here are my thoughts on the importance of marketing funnels:

The stage

A marketing funnel can raise awareness, prompt action, build brand loyalty and keep you front of mind with your clients. If you have a product or service, you need to stay front of mind for that moment when the individual is ready to buy. Also, once someone has purchased from you, they have become more loyal to your company and you want to build upon that loyalty by staying in touch.

What goes into a funnel activity?

Every funnel has a unique purpose throughout the system. It will also move consumers throughout the chain. If they buy, they go into one chain, if they opened the message but didn’t buy, they go to another and if they didn’t open the message, they go to yet another branch of the funnel system. The emails that are part of the funnel system need to nurture the client, regardless of the stage he is in the purchase system. You will need to set up a nurturing campaign to address clients throughout the chain and continue to tell those who haven’t purchased, how they will benefit. You need to also nurture those who have purchased to help them realize the value in that purchase. This also builds brand loyalty.

Are you marketing or selling?

In some marketers’ minds the terms are interchangeable. We like to think of all of the messages we send as “nurturing” messages. You will nurture those who purchased, those who opened your emails and clicked through, and those who haven’t taken the step to even open a message yet. Your marketing and sales funnels should work hand in hand to generate traffic, build loyalty and ultimately make sales.

Making it work

The technologies available for funnel marketing are as varied as the business owners who use them. You can set up funnels in email providers such as MailChimp or Constant Contact or in more robust platforms such as Infusion Soft or A Weber or Premium Webcart. While the delivery system is important, it is more important to have your messaging and your thought process mapped out for the funnel system before you land on a platform from which to deliver it.

Pulling it all together

If you’re struggling to pull it all together and keep in touch with current clients and nurture prospects, but just don’t have the time you’ve come to the right place as putting together the foundation and the messaging for your funnel system is what we do. Send us a message for more information!

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