SEO is king, right? Search engine optimization is what most people talk, and think, about when writing content for their websites. While SEO is important, there are other items you need to consider when trying to connect with clients and potential clients. How can you improve your SEO?

What can you do to improve your SEO? It’s kind of simple, when you think about it. Here are our best practice tips for improving your search engine optimization on your site, your social and your blog posts.

  • Write for readers. Remmeber, you have “insider” knowledge that your potential clients don’t have. The reason they come to you is for your expertise. When writing your blog posts, always write for the reader. Teach them what they need to know. Your writing for the reader will help them connect with you and understand why you are the person with whom they need to connect.
  • Keyword stuffing gets you dinged by Google. What is a keyword stuffed post? It’s a post that reads something like this, “Accountants perform accounting tasks for clients in the Greater enewsletter open rateChicago area who need to have accounting performed.” It’s obvious you’re trying to rank for the word “accounting” and we’ll bet you agree that this sentence is awkward. Use a plug in like SEO by YOAST as a way to determine whether you have an adequate amount of key words or if you have too many keywords. Above all, read the first item in this list: write for the reader.
  • Headlines draw in the reader. You may want to consider spending as much time crafting a headline as you do the entire blog post. A headline will help with your SEO as well as be the hook that draws the reader in.
  • Add video and/or images to your post. Break up the words with graphics.
  • Add a meta description into your blog post. This is a snippet of 150 or fewer characters that is displayed in a Google search. This is a piece of real estate you need to consider and use wisely as a way to boost your “findability.”

Do you struggle with SEO? Are you having a hard time getting found online? Send us a message. We can help with your online marketing efforts.

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