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Do you look into your Google Analytics and cringe when you see that the time on page just isn’t what you’d hoped it would be? Are your bounce rates due to the fact that your blog and website content simply isn’t keeping your audience engaged?

Here are three ways you can increase time on page and make your blog more interactive:

  1. Ask questions. Embed surveys or polls and ask for feedback from your audience. Give them questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” answer. A survey or a poll will keep them on your site and will also give you insight into what they find valuable. Armed with this information you can provide content the are seeking.
  2. Add video. It’s been shown that visitors to websites are more engaged and more likely to stick around and watch your video. You can make a video right from your computer using any number of downloadable software programs or you can even make video from your smartphone or through a Google video share.
  3. Bring in a guest blogger. Why? Your readers are accustomed to the content you share with them and while they love it, and love you, offering a fresh voice or a new take on a particular topic may bring new readers in and keep current readers there longer.

Bonus tip: Add a call to action at the end of each blog post.

Make sure you’re checking and measuring your analytics and all of your numbers on all of your social media platforms and be prepared to make changes if you’re not seeing results. If you aren’t certain what results you should be aiming for, contact our office for a consultation on your social media strategy.


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