Why Isn’t Your SEO Working? 

Your website may have been chugging along, getting great rankings for time on page and unique visitors but now you’re wondering why isn’t your SEO working? There are myriad factors that could lead to a drop in your traffic. Here are a few of the major issues I typically see when working with our clients.

  1. You’re not spending enough time on your SEO. This practice of search engine optimization is a slow and steady wins the race type activity. You need to spend time on it in order to see results.
  2. You aren’t integrating the power of social media into your marketing efforts. If you write a blog post, but don’t share it across your social media platforms, it’s like shouting into a crowd — no one will hear you because of all of the noise. Share your blog posts and web content on your social media platforms to get more bang for your buck.
  3. SEO is the “special sauce” of your website. You need it to sprinkle on, but the underlying content is more important. No one wants to come to a site that is keyword stuffed and not rich in content.
  4. You need to revamp and update your website to reflect changes in Google searches and in your keyword viability. Check searches to see if your site is being found in search results. If not, determine why and make changes to your site content.
  5. You don’t have a mobile responsive site. Because so many people are reading on mobile devices or tablets, your site needs to seamlessly integrate to the platform on which your reader is looking at it. If you’re not mobile responsive you need to be.


If you’re wondering why your site has lost its power, give us a call!

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