If you’re a business owner and you have a website that isn’t capturing the names and email addresses of visitors to the site, you are letting money walk out the door. If a potential client is intrigued enough to come to your site, offer them a free (valuable) gift and capture their name so you can get them on your mailing list.

How can you leverage content from your blog in your newsletter? Here are a few ways:

  1. Recycle and re-purpose blog content. If you’re blogging regularly, you should have snippets of useful content you can rework and use in your newsletter. Sharing relevant content is important to keeping people on your enewsletter list. Make it easier on yourself by re-purposing content you already have. Remember, not everyone on your newsletter list will have seen your blog content so putting it in your newsletter will introduce you to a new audience.
  2. If you’re an affiliate for any products or services, you can share that information in your newsletter. Make certain you let your readers know that it is an affiliate link that they are clicking on — be transparent.
  3. Do you have guest bloggers on your site? Plug their posts in your newsletter. The benefit to them being a guest blogger with you is that they get exposure to your audience. Ask them to return the favor and include you in their newsletter if you’ve guest posted.
  4. Use your newsletter to ask subscribers for their feedback. Have you launched a new product or service? Ask how your audience likes it. Is it beneficial to them? Could it be better? Listen and take feedback to heart.
  5. If you’re kicking off a new product, offer a discount or special offer to your subscribers. Reward them for their subscription loyalty.

Are you staying in touch with your clients and potential clients through your newsletter? If you’re not using a newsletter or even a funnel follow up system, why not? We’d love to hear and we’d love to help!




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