The business that you’re operating is unique. The need for a marketing and business growth plan is not. Every business, regardless of whether you’re an accountant or a zoologist needs a road map for marketing success. You can’t just hop on every social media site or trend that comes down the pike and think that is going to make your business rise to the top of the Google rankings.

As a general primer, here are three areas you need to review in your marketing plan to make sure you’re on track:


  1. What’s your brand? Your brand is who you are as a company, what your company culture is and the clients whom you serve. Look at your branding across all of the social media platforms you’re using and make certain your messaging and your colors aka your branding, are consistent. marketing 101
  2. Do you have a strategy in place to handle business growth?  Entrepreneurs start off as solopreneurs toiling away alone and rarely give thought to what they will do when their business takes off. You need to have a clear growth strategy in place. Your growth strategy will include where and when you will spend your marketing dollars, who you will have on your team when growth happens and what metrics you will use to measure when it’s time for growth and the steps in place to implement them.
  3. Writing and implementing your marketing plan. This needs to take into consideration both off line and online marketing strategies. All of your marketing should go hand-in-hand to form a cohesive strategy.

When did you last review your marketing plan? Do you have a marketing plan? Are you operating without a net aka without a plan in place for business growth and marketing strategies? If that’s the case, contact us for coaching through the process.

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