Marketing funnels can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. However, as with any marketing tool, there are best practices and there are steps you need to avoid. The beauty of most marketing funnels is that once you have set them up, they can work for you, behind the scenes, to keep in touch with current and potential clients.

What can you do to make certain you have a quality marketing funnel? Here are some things to consider:

  • Remember, not everyone wants or needs what you’re selling. This also means not everyone wants to be on your list or in your funnel. If you want to succeed in your funnel marketing program, you need to assure that everyone who is in your funnel wants to be there. We use a double opt in just to make certain that those who have signed up want to be there.funnel marketing
  • Know thy customer. Don’t try to be all things to all people because chances are you will become nothing to everyone! Know who your target audience and your ideal client and market to them. IF you have more than one niche and more than one product or service you provide, segregate clients into specific funnels.
  • They’re in your funnel, stop selling! If you have people in your funnel, they want to be there — if you’ve done it correctly. You do not need to sell to them in every message. Show them the benefits and advantages of what you’re offering… they will figure out themselves whether they want to buy. Certainly you want to make it easy to include links. If you are running a special offer mention that, but don’t continually hit them over the head with your sales pitch.
  • Build your authority through your funnel. If you’re a thought leader or an expert in your niche, use your funnel marketing to create content for your list that highlight your authority. Give information in bite-size nuggets. Provide actionable tips and advice and hacks.
  • Use  great technology. Research the platform on which you want to build your funnels and your landing pages. Make certain they will grow with you and your list. Make certain they integrate with one another and that they are easy to use.

Listen to potential clients. Give ‘em what they want and don’t hit them over the head with items they don’t want or need.

Do you have a funnel system in place? Are you driving potential clients to a landing page? If you know you should but haven’t implemented the process yet, drop our team an email.


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