You’ve written a blog post. Now what? Do you simply hope that readers will organically find you? That might happen. If, however, you want to be proactive and help assure that readers will find you, you need to take charge of your social media and maximize your digital footprint. How can you do that and still keep your business running? There are myriad ways — one of which is to work with a professional social media consultant, but for now, let’s focus on what you can do — if you had the time — to make the most of your online presence.

Long form isn’t the only form. Yes, blog posts are an ideal way to share your expertise, but don’t forget microblogging. Take to Twitter to share your content, re-tweet, like and share the content of others.

Leave comments on blogs you follow that are relevant to your niche or your audience. Commenting on blog posts is simply good manners, but will also get a link back to your site and if your comment is more than just a “great post” you may begin a conversation that you could carry back to your blog. Devious? Not at all. You’re harnessing the inherent power of the “social” in social media.

Do you have an page? is a site that makes it easy to generate content, allowing you to connect with others and share their content in the hope that they will share yours. Create links that will lead back to your blog posts and your social networks.

“Work” all of your social media platforms. Don’t sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ if you’re not going to be active on them. There is a school of thought that it’s good to grab your unique name or business name, but if you do, you should find a way to fit posting to those pages into your schedule. There is nothing worse than a potential client coming across your page only to find it blank.

Get comfortable in front of a video camera, make videos and post them on your own YouTube channel. Jump onto Periscope and share some insights. Promote your upcoming ‘Scope on your social media platforms, jump in and get comfortable with video.

Consider guest blogging on a site that complements your content and your business niche. If you don’t have time to guest blog, consider hiring a writer for your team who can do this on your behalf.

What steps can you take today — before the end of the workday — to amplify your social media footprint?



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