Reasons To Automate Social Media Posts

Being on social media “live” 24/7 simply isn’t practical or feasible for the entrepreneur, but you just don’t know when your audience is online so you may need to make it appear as though you are online and live throughout the day and night. How can you accomplish that? By scheduling social media posts. While we don’t suggest posting all of your social media stats through a post scheduler, doing so with some of your posts will give you more control of your social media, help build your branding and make it appear as though you are always available!

Reasons To Automate Social Media Posts

Here are three reasons to automate social media posts

Simplify Your To-dos

Social media may be 24/7/365, but you simply can’t be. Using a post scheduler will help you remain front of mind with your social media followers and in our increasingly global market, you just don’t know when a potential client will be on line.

Increase Social Media Presence

Consistency and visibility are keys to social media growth and interaction. If your followers know they can rely upon you to provide them with quality information throughout the day, they will make a point of looking for your social updates. Remember, though if someone comments or follows or retweets you, you will want to interact with them.

Enhance Brand Awareness

It’s been proven that consumers like to do business with people they “know, like and trust” and one way to build that relationship is by being present. Let your followers know they can find you and rely on you to deliver information to them that is consistent with your brand message. If you always write about widgets, don’t change your message and start writing about puppies — don’t confuse your brand in the mind of the consumer.

Remember, social media is about being social and you have to do this even if you automate social media posts.


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