You’ve heard it before. If you’re a business owner you should be blogging. I’m not sharing anything you haven’t heard before, but I do want to break down why you should be blogging and offer you tips on how to get started if you haven’t already taken the plunge.


  • Blog to get name recognition. If you’re competing in a crowded marketplace, your blogging efforts could help you shoot to the top of a Google search and set you apart. Your blogging efforts will help to show potential clients that you are a subject matter expert.
  • Your blogging might inspire others. Look at your blogging as a way to be a problem solver for a potential client and to make his or her day just a little bit easier. If you inspire them, and they attempt to solve their own pain point, they may be successful, but if they aren’t they will come to you for that solution.
  • Do you want to be a speaker or author? Blogging is a great way to garner name recognition and position yourself as a viable speaking option when you’re looking for opportunities.
  • Even if you don’t aspire to be a blogger because you have a different niche upon which you’re focusing, writing blog posts will make you a better communicator and that is a skill that all entrepreneurs should embrace.

How should you get started in blogging?

  • Choose your domain name and your platform. If you already have a business and  website, built your blog on your existing site. Doing this will help drive traffic to your website and every time you write and publish a new post you are helping boost your site’s searchability.
  • Put together an editorial calendar based on annual themes, trends in your industry and holidays that make sense for your industry.
  • Write and publish content.
  • Share content across your social media platforms.

Blogging and sharing your business story through your blog posts is an ideal way for a business owner to be seen as an expert in your particular niche and will help set you apart from the competition. If you know you should be blogging but don’t know where to start, drop us a line for content strategy session.


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