By now we have all heard the doom and gloom of Facebook and its algorithms, right? We’ve been told that no one will see our posts, especially business page posts — unless you pay for boosting a post or place an ad.  What’s a business owner to do? Stop relying on outside sources and learn the secrets to e-news success.

We have long been believers that you need to build your businses on your own “property” aka your blog and website, not on “rented ground,” Facebook, Twitter, et al. A great way to build your business is by sending out e-newsletters to your fans.

Secrets To E-News Success

When you send an e-news letter you are in the inbox of clients and potential clients who have invited you in. If you have received the invitation, but haven’t done anything to build the relationship, the time is now to do just that.

If you’re not sending a newsletter, you need to put an opt-in on your website to gather names. Once you’ve gathered them, start marketing to them.

What can you do to make certain your email marketing is effective and won’t fail?

  • Use a subject line that will catch their attention. Don’t be spammy or salesy or offer false promises. Don’t offer “6 ways to make $1 million in five minutes” only to have your reader open the newsletter and find you’re sharing a lemon cake recipe — that’s click bait and you will get a lot of unsubscribes.  The headline aka subject line needs to be compelling and one your client will not be able to resist.
  • Make sure your newsletter is easily read on a mobile device as that is where most of us are getting our news and reading our mail.
  • Keep in mind what your client signed up for. If they signed up for “dog travel tips” and you’re sharing “how to write a novel” they will not be getting the information they believe you promised and will not stick with you.
  • Be subtle about sales. Sure, people know you will be making them an offer, but don’t do it in every message. A rule of thumb is 80% great content 20% “buy me!” content.
  • Getting to know you. Let your readers see the person behind the business name. Make a connection with them and they will be happy to stick with you.

When you send a newsletter, make sure you’re tracking your results. Do certain types of headlines get more opens than others? When you make a sale do people buy? What links are they clicking on when they open the newsletter. Use those stats to perfect your strategy.

If you’re not yet sending a newsletter because you don’t have the bandwith or the know-how, reach out and let us know. We can help.

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