You didn’t start your business without a plan did you? You probably ran some numbers, talked to people, determined whether there was a market for your goods and services and you set goals and benchmarks. You should also set blogging goals before you start. Whether you’re going to do your own blogging or hire someone to blog on your behalf, knowing why you’re blogging and what you’re hoping to accomplish through the effort is key to getting a return on your investment.

Set Blogging Goals Before You Start

Why: Do you know why you’re blogging for your business? It should be more in depth than “everyone else is doing it for their business.” You need to have a strategy in place and metrics you can use to determine whether you’re meeting the goals you’ve set.

What: Do you know what your goals are? Some blogging goals to consider are:

  1. Raise awareness of your goods and services
  2. Set yourself apart as an expert
  3. Drive traffic to your webpage
  4. Make sales
  5. Share information that your ideal client may want/need

Who: Who is your target audience? What information are they seeking. What information can you impart to them that they can’t get elsewhere. Also, WHY are you the ideal person to impart that information?

How: Once the blog post has been written how will you promote it? Consider sharing the blog post on your social media pages. If you send a newsletter to your client base, share the link in a newsletter.

Before you start blogging for your business, run through the answers to these questions as a way to put your plan together. Make blogging part of your business marketing plan. The business marketing plan is for both your offline and your online marketing. If you’re not certain whether blogging fits into your marketing strategy, drop us a message in the comments and let’s discuss your blogging strategy.

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