TikTok seems to be the biggest, latest and up and coming social media platform. Should TikTok be part of your marketing strategy? The answer is yes, no, and/or maybe. Your social media marketing strategy needs to be focused and you need to know WHY you want to be on a particular platform.

If your demographic and ideal customer aren’t on Facebook or LinkedIn or TikTok, should you be spending time there? It doesn’t seem to make sense to participate in, or spend time and money on, a social platform where your ideal client isn’t active, does it?

Should TikTok Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Using a social platform — whether social media or blogging — needs to be implemented into your business as part of an overall marketing strategy. Don’t dilute your efforts by jumping on every trend. Remember Google+ or Periscope?

We can recommend grabbing your personal name and your business name in case you discover your ideal clients are there.

Here is how to determine whether you should jump onto TikTok or any other new social platform:

  1. Consider your buyer demographic. Look at the demographics of the social platform you’re considering joining.
  2. Know why you’re considering using that particular platform. Identify goals so you can put metrics in place to measure success.
  3. Create an account (even if you’re not sure it fits into your marketing strategy at this point)
  4. Look at what others are doing.
  5. Search for other businesses that are like yours and see if they are on that platform and how they’re working it.
  6.  Find influencers that are on the specific platform and follow what they’re doing and how they’re using the platform to grow their field of influence.

Remember, just because “everyone” is doing something doesn’t mean you need to jump in and do it as well. Do what makes sense for your unique business and spend time and money on the social platforms that make sense.

If your marketing strategy isn’t yielding the results you’d hoped for, leave us a comment or contact us and let’s talk.


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