Should you automate your social media? There are many good reasons to do just that BUT even if you do, you still want to go in and interact with people who are commenting on your status updates. After all, the whole idea of social media is to be social, right?

We have put together a list of reasons why to automate your social media. You may not want to do it every day or all the time, but there are times it will be a time saver and who doesn’t want to save time? You may also find if you’re sitting down and doing your social media in batches, you will have even more time to grow your connections.

Should you automate your social media?

  1. You will be faster when you use automation. Let’s face it, using a social media scheduler puts all of your social media accounts in one place and at the click of a few buttons you have content being fed into all of them without having to open each individual platform.
  2. Depending on the scheduler you use, you may have better insights which will help you make better decisions on when and how often to post AND what posts and information your followers want to see from you.
  3. As we alluded to earlier, it is more efficient to automate. You could bang out a week’s worth of social media posts in one sitting and then you’re good to go for the week and you will have time to interact (as we’d mentioned above!)

There may still be the perception that automation means your posts will rank lower and that Facebook, for example, will penalize you. That may or may not be true. If you’re concerned with that, though you can use the Facebook scheduler and do those posts there and put the rest of your posts into a different scheduler.

How well is your social media working to grow your brand? If you need help brand or reputation-building, let us know.

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