Blogging and microblogging can be ideal ways to grow your business. Microblogging is typically performed on Twitter and Tumblr. You can blog on your own website or now there is the option to publish full length posts on LinkedIn on its publishing platform. Because LinkedIn is home to close to 300 million business professionals from across the globe, it might be an ideal location for you to publish a post. You may even get more eyes on your LinkedIn published post than on your website.

As with anything you do in your business you should have a clear idea of the benefits you hope to reap and a way to measure the metrics. Also, we like to caution our clients against “building their home on rented ground” and LinkedIn or any other social media platform is “rented ground.” You don’t own the site, you have no control over whether your content is seen and if the site folds you run the risk of losing the content you’ve added to it.

What are some of the benefits of publishing on LinkedIn? Here are a few:

  • LinkedIn is your living resume. If you add content, or change your bio or experience, you are updating your information to all of your readers.
  • This site might just be an ideal marketing tool to add to your business marketing arsenal — but it shouldn’t be your only marketing tool.  The content you publish here will be part of your professional profile.
  • Your content becomes part of your professional profile. It is displayed on the Posts section of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Every time you publish it will be shared with your connections, and followers and potentially with their connections and followers
  • The posts on LinkedIn are keyword searchable

How do you publish there?

  • Once you’ve been invited to publish you will see a pencil button by the status box of your homepage. Click it and it will take you to the writing tool
  • Write your post, hit publish. Viola, done.
  • Your post will then be “announced” to your connections.
  • You can track views, likes and comments within LinkedIn

Should you publish on LinkedIn? The short answer is a cautious “yes.” If you’re posting content to your own blog and have new content, then share it on LinkedIn and measure its benefit to your business.





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